What is a good blade plugin to to add relationships with pivot (form element)? [closed]

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I am building a recruiting platform. So far, the users can login/signup using a frontend made in React. I made custom complex fields to allow them to add to complex relationships.

For example, I have a candidates tables, a trainings table and a candidate_training (with a "description field" + candidate_id + training_id) table. It’s a many to many relationship. On the frontend, I have made a custom field in React which is basically a dropdown with a text field, you select the type of training and a short description. You can add a new line with a little "+" symbol.

However, I don’t want to do that in classic JS for my admin panel which is 95% PHP/Blade. I was wondering if there was a premade plugin that handles things like that.

This is what it looks like on the frontend and the data sample is in the pastebin.


"email": "[email protected]",
"email_confirmation": "[email protected]",
"password": "********",
"password_confirmation": "********",
"first_name": "Test",
"last_name": "Test",
"phone_number": "2392382346",
"postal": "283kj",
"city": "aksj",
"field_of_work": "[3]",
"interests": "[2,5]",
"salary_id": "2",
"availability": "[2,3]",
"job_type": "[3,2]",
"work_experiences": "["aasdasdsad","asdasd"]",
"cv": null,
"video_cv": null,
"training": "[{"id":1,"training":2,"value":"aaaa"},{"id":0,"training":4,"value":"asdasd"}]"

Thanks, any help would be incredibly useful!

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