How do I keep track of leaks when recording logs?

  logging, monolog, php, stackify, symfony-3.4

I have a project in Symfony 3.4. Monolog (StreamHandler) is used for logging and a Stackify agent is additionally integrated.

There is an algorithm at each step of which logs are necessarily created (either a success or an error). The problem is that after the algorithm passes, there are several possible outcomes:

  1. There are all logs (normal condition);
  2. There is only the first part of the logs;
  3. There is only the last log. Especially disconcerting is the fact that there is only the last log. There is no way they can jump over.
  4. There are no logs at all.

Is it possible that when there is a load on the server, the recording is mutually blocked and the logs are not written as a result?

There was a suggestion to transfer to RabbitMQ logs with further processing by a third-party subscriber. In that case, won’t there be an additional excessive load on the server?

Source: Ask PHP