Copy mysql_native_password to new server

  mysql, phpmyadmin, sql

I did a mysqldump of my entire database mysqldump --defaults-file="/home/ubuntu/.my.conf" -u api --all-databases > full-dump.sql . I setup a new mysql and phpmyadmin and loaded the mysqldump in mysql -u root -p < full-dump.sql

Then my root password stopped working (it’s the same on both servers). I was able to reset the password and regain access. I am now comparing authentication_strings on my new server to my old server. I noticed the strings changed on the new server when I reset the passwords. My presumption is that the new and old server use different hashes for the same password and hence aren’t compatible with each other.

Is there a way to copy the mysql users over and have the existing passwords work? Or will I always have to manually reset them like I did in this case?