$this->ci->input->post(‘something’) not working codeigniter

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So I have this issue, I a working on perfex crm, and I have an issue I want to add a filter and there is a custom filter called custom_view I want to add another one what I did is I copied the code of the custom_view and added one called custom_view_ads:

This is the view of the custome view

     <select name="custom_view" title="<?php echo _l('additional_filters'); ?>" id="custom_view" class="selectpicker" data-width="100%">
                                       <option value=""></option>
                                       <option value="lost"><?php echo _l('lead_lost'); ?></option>
                                       <option value="junk"><?php echo _l('lead_junk'); ?></option>
                                       <option value="public"><?php echo _l('lead_public'); ?></option>
                                       <option value="contacted_today"><?php echo _l('lead_add_edit_contacted_today'); ?></option>
                                       <option value="created_today"><?php echo _l('created_today'); ?></option>
                                       <!-- <option value="first_ads_source_id"><?php //echo json_decode($ads) ?></option> -->
                                       <?php if(has_permission('leads','','edit')){ ?>
                                       <option value="not_assigned"><?php echo _l('leads_not_assigned'); ?></option>
                                       <?php } ?>
                                       <?php if(isset($consent_purposes)) { ?>
                                         <optgroup label="<?php echo _l('gdpr_consent'); ?>">
                                             <?php foreach($consent_purposes as $purpose) { ?>
                                             <option value="consent_<?php echo $purpose['id']; ?>">
                                                <?php echo $purpose['name']; ?>
                                             <?php } ?>
                                       <?php } ?>

and this is the one I added

  <select name="custom_view_ads" title="<?php echo "Ads Filter" ?>" id="custom_view_ads" class="selectpicker" data-width="100%">
                                    <option value=""></option>
                                       foreach($ads as $ad)
                                         { ?>
                                          <option value="<?php echo $ad['first_ads_source_id']; ?>"><?php echo $ad['ads_view_text']; ?></option>

when I do this it works it goes into the if but

if ($this->ci->input->post('custom_view')) {
    $filter = $this->ci->input->post('custom_view');

when I do it like this for the other one it doesn’t work,

if ($this->ci->input->post('custom_view_ads')) {
    $filter = $this->ci->input->post('custom_view_ads');

what I think is happening is I need to add custom_view_ads somewhere else but I can’t seem to know where
Thank you for your help!

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