Contact Form 7 Submits Form To Database and Email With Name of Post

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I have a single-careers.php that generates specific job listings.

Would like to have ONE shortcode on that page and once the form submits, it would go into Contact Form 7 Database with the results as well as the name of the job post so I can tell what job the person is applying to.

For example, there may be 4 jobs:
Creative Director
Executive Producer

When you click on one, on WordPress it’s accessing the single-careers.php file that has the job description. In that file, I want to add ONE contact form 7 shortcode at the bottom with various fields. So, that same form would show on the Producer, Creative Director, CEO and Executive Producer pages.

When a user goes to it, submits the form, how can i get it to generate in the database and when it sends an email a special ID of that job name (let’s say it takes it from the Post page name which is the name of the job).

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