Did the Symfony validation rules change with the update?

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After updating from Symfony 2.3 to Symfony 4.4 and checking the operation, there was a change in the validation rule of the email address.
In Symfony 2.3, non-alphanumeric words like "あ@test.co.jp" were repelled by Symfony validation, but not in Symfony 4.4. Did the rules change with the update?
Also, is there a way to undo the rules?
With my own validation rules, I’m afraid that the email address I used to use may get caught in the validation.
Also, if you remove the "@", you will get a validation error message "Not a valid email address", so it is considered that the validation itself is working.

Validation specification code common to Symfony 2.x and Symfony 4.4

            - NotBlank: ~
            - Length: { max: 200 }
            - Email: ~

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