Laravel querybuilder cant group by

This query works with group by

$data = DB::select(DB::raw("SELECT  SUM(pending) as total ,  datediff(NOW(), created_at) 
as maturity FROM `admin_case_info` WHERE deleted_at is NULL group by maturity "));

But when I joined 2 tables.

$data = DB::select( DB::raw("SELECT admin_case_info.case_type, admin_case_info.case_status, SUM(admin_case_info.pending) as total, 
datediff(NOW(), admin_case_info.created_at) as maturity FROM admin_case_info 
JOIN users_mws on = admin_case_info.users_mws_id
JOIN users on = users_mws.user_id
 WHERE users.status NOT IN ('Dumped', 'Dumped2')
AND admin_case_info.deleted_at IS NULL group by maturity") );

It does not work. I need to modify the config/database strict to false in order it to work and I dont want to do it. What should I do? Thanks

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