PHP script to allows user to download file from remote FTP Server

  ftp, https, php

I have an FTP server with a public IP which is used to share files with other users who can just download without authenticating (for example
As you may know, recently Gooogle Chrome started filtering FTP connections. (I know there are some workarounds for that but I am interested in an alternative solution.)

What I would like to implement is a PHP interface from the server which hosts my website (and which supports HTTPS connection), so a user can go to and they will actually download on their computer the file taken from
So, the user won’t use any FTP connection and this is totally hidden. (I don’t know if I explained my idea clearly)

I am not an expert about that, so I would like to understand if it can be done and if you have some indication about how to implement that.

Thanks in advance!

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