Storage Linking Issue in Laravel 8 on localhost

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  • Laravel Version: 8.35.1
  • PHP Version: 8.0.0


I’m uploading an image with laravel using this code:

$product_image = $request->file('product_image');
$product_image_extension = $product_image->extension();
$product_image_name = time() . '.' . $product_image_extension;
$product_image->storeAs('/media/product_images', $product_image_name);
$model->product_image = $product_image_name;

It works fine, the file is uploaded to storage/app/media/product_images/.

Then, I run the command

php artisan storage: link

to create the symlink in public.
The Command Execute Like this:

Local NTFS volumes are required to complete the operation.
The [E:Complete Programming Bootcamplaravel Workecom-projectcyber_shoppingpublicstorage] link 
has been connected to [E:Complete Programming Bootcamplaravel Workecom- 
The links have been created.

I am Using This Code To Display Image:

{{asset('storage/media/product_images/' . $list->product_image)}}

But Image is not displaying on the frontend.

Also, The Storage Folder Is not created in the public folder.
PLz, Help Me.


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