Unable to store a lot of variables in a database [closed]

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I had the crazy idea of creating a website that will allow you to run a program similar to three.js and design your own 3d environment. The idea is that this would be a way that someone could create their own website with a 3d design to it rather than the basic layout. I would want to store the data along with the user’s id so that I can then export that data to a separate file and create a duplicate webpage using the data entered by the user in the design stage.

I attempted doing this by connecting to a database but am unable to store that many variables without overwhelming the program. How do you store the location of each vector along with the textures along each face without using thousands of columns in a database? Is there a way to export the data as a new file type similar to .obj or .txt but a custom one? I just don’t understand how to do this while also keeping a stable naming convention in the process.

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