Doctrine custom types, problems updating schema

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I’m having problems when I try to update my schema with doctrine "bin/console doctrine:schema:update -f"

The problem is

Unknown column type "FinancesBankInfrastructurePersistenceDoctrineBankIdType" requested. Any Doctrine type that you use has to be registered with DoctrineDBALTypesType::addType(). You can get a lis
t of all the known types with DoctrineDBALTypesType::getTypesMap(). If this error occurs during database introspection then you might have forgotten to register all database types for a Doctrine Type. U
se AbstractPlatform#registerDoctrineTypeMapping() or have your custom types implement Type#getMappedDatabaseTypes(). If the type name is empty you might have a problem with the cache or forgot some mapping

It’s strange because when I see in my schema database I found the type in the coments, and if I delete it I can update the schema normally. I didn’t find any aditional configuration to solve this.
Actually my config.yml is:

    driver:   "%database_driver%"
    host:     "%database_host%"
    port:     "%database_port%"
    dbname:   "%database_name%"
    user:     "%database_user%"
    password: "%database_password%"
    charset:  UTF8
        bank_id: FinancesBankInfrastructurePersistenceDoctrineBankIdType

schema detail

This is driving me crazy!

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