A good meth equation or function to find end point coordinate from start point using bear, distance for a farming drone [closed]

  php, python

Given a home coordinates lat and lon, bearing and distance. Anyone knows how do I get the end point coordinates? Preferably in PHP or Python?

For instance, I have a drone which I need it to run along a certain point around the field. It should running in zig zac fashion, It will for example run from left to right, move forward 10cm, right to left, move forward 10cm so on and so forth until he reaches the end 2 point at the end of the field.

I know the coordinates between all 4 corners. I also can calculate the bearing from the starting point to the other corners.

From left to right is easy but along the 2 vertical lines I need to create points in between of 10cm interval between my left and right start point and the left and right end point. Anyway had any functions or math equation which I can do so easily?

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