WordPress Blog Post Template Customization

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Okay, So I am new to this and have very little experience my username is zero for a reason, Now let’s get to the point. I am working on a site and want to create a specific design for my wordpress blog post’s template I want the posts to look like this https://wireframe.cc/FCDzfT

Now I can create this design in HTML and will see some tutorial on how to convert/implement it to WordPress what I don’t know is how to execute this plan where to get the shortcodes of it so that WordPress can know that this design is for the post template or whatever you guys call it also this design will be repetitive like a blog but the text and image container will keep swapping positions with each other. I am using Hello Elementor Theme with Elementor Plugin but the theme shouldn’t an issue since it will basically some PHP and HTML as I am trying to create my own shortcode.

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