Show onedrive image preview on php site

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I have upload file one drive using this API. I have successfully uploaded file with OneDrive but right now I am facing problem on show preview on onedrive uploaded on my site.

I haven’t able to show that uploaded file on my site. I have show WebUrl link on Iframe.

I have also some other issue.

I haven’t able to get WebUrl and Download Url using API.


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I want to create my sub folder in one main folder.
e.g, I want to upload cloths, manware, womenware on one my main folder "online_shopping" folder. this online_shopping folder I have already created manually on one drive. I have generate sub folder (cloths, manware, womenware) using "CreateFolder" API. Those folders (cloths, manware, womenware) are created successfully.
Now I want to show images and file on my site and images and file already uploaded on above folder.

I have used this API:

Please help me to sort out those problem.

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