Format PHP Soap request

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I’ve made a PHP SOAP request, the request returns a complete dump of the contents, How do I format it ? Never used xml or PHP,SOAP before this ? The code


$client = new SoapClient('');
 $result = $client->getVehicleDetails('spwf87','hk8*9jd'); 




5002386176AHTHA3CD503427515BPSSZN1GD058155439845.00WHITE2019TOYOTAHILUX 2.8 GD-6 RAIDER 4X4 A/T P/U D/C60039521Full Service History with agentsSigns of cosmetic work leatherSpare Key: Yes,Bin Liner: Yes,Leather Seats: Yes,Tonneau Cover: Yes,Rollbar: Yes,Towbar: Yes,Bullbar: Yes,Other Extras/Comments: WHEEL ARCHES SIDE VISORS,5002371142AHTBB0JE400024849NX423391ZRV93623779342.00WHITE2019TOYOTACOROLLA 1.6 PRESTIGE CVT60027544Full Service History with agentsSigns of cosmetic work Key: Yes,5002366129AAVZZZ6SZBU019983ND606937CLP043956108334.00SILVER2011VOLKSWAGENPOLO VIVO 1.4 TRENDLINE TIP 5DR64020120Full Service History agent & non-agentSigns of cosmetic work Key: Yes,5002364072JTMZ43FV70D511939ND842882M20AV1456899963.00WHITE2020TOYOTARAV4 2.0 GX CVT60077613Not due for service yetSigns of cosmetic work QUEST 1.660010250Full Service History with agentsSigns of cosmetic

I need it in a better formatted method rather than just a dump like that, never used SOAP nor PHP before this so got it to this point but want a better representation of the data now, please assist if you can,much appreciated!

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