I need to page pagination with bootstrap which the code is in PHP

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Hello friends I wrote a php code which select data from the database and display them in the web page. But i’m struck in writing the page pagination code. And also i want a bootstrap page pagination. Hope you can help. This is my code,


$sql = "SELECT * FROM `links` WHERE `title` LIKE '%$search_text%' OR `keywords` LIKE '%$search_text%' OR `description` LIKE '%$search_text%' ";
$result = $con->query($sql);

if ($result->num_rows > 0) {

echo "<p class='m-0 pl-3 h5' style='font-size:1.45vw;'>Received informations about <strong>$rowcount</strong> websites!";
  // output data of each row
  while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {
    $title = $row["title"];
    $onion_address = $row["onion_address"];
    $description = $row["description"];

echo "
<div class='m-0 p-3'>
<h4 class='p-0 m-0' style='color:blue;font-size:2.2vw;'>$title</h4>
<p class='h6 text-success font-weight-bold' style='font-size:1.3vw;'>$onion_address</p>
<p class='h6' style='font-size:1.3vw;'>$description</p>

} else {
  echo "0 results";

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