OOP Polymorphism and object creation at runtime

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consider this code:

abstract class Vehicle {

abstract function drive();
public function honkTheHorn() {
    echo "beep beep!";

class Car extends Vehicle {
    public function drive() {
        echo "car is driving";

class Truck extends Vehicle {
    public function drive(){
        echo "Truck is driving";
    public function blastTheHorn(){
        echo "big ass horn blast!!!";

and then at some point of my code i need to create a Car or a Truck depending on some condition:

function doSomethingWithVehicle(Vehicle $vehicle){
    $vehicle->drive(); //this is fine
    $vehicle->honkTheHorn(); //this is fine as well
    $vehicle->blastTheHorn(); //this is not fine since it would work only if Truck needed

    case 'need_car':
        $myVehicle = new Car();
    case 'need_truck':
        $myVehicle = new Truck();


How do I make this work? Is using a check on instanceof the only way to go? Is there a more OO way since using instanceof seems to be frowned upon? In this case it might be ok but what if I have many Vehicles? Also is there a way I coul avoid the switch statement?

Thanks for the help

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