Symfony 5.3, Mercure and Vue -> SSL connect error for "https://localhost:8000/.well-known/mercure"

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I’m trying to make a publish with the Hub Interface but everytime I get this error

SSL connect error for "https://localhost:8000/.well-known/mercure" 

I’m running mercure with the Symfony Local Web Server, so mercure it’s running on https://localhost:8000/.well-known/mercure. I have checked and it is running but I can’t manage to make a publish. I’m making this call from a controller which is called from Vue.

$update = new Update(
        sprintf("/conversaciones/%s", $conversacion->getId()),
        sprintf("/conversaciones/%s", $recipiente->getUsuario()->getNombre()),

Some comment on other question from Stackoverflow mentioned this:
Mercure with symfony not working with vue

Mecure dont support self signed certificates and you have to add verify_peer: false in config/dev/framework.yaml under http_client.default_configuration

Tryed it, but didn’t work for me. Also, for what I have read, it is not recommended to set it false HTTP Certificates

I also tryed to change https to http on my .env, but I got a 401 Unauthorized.

I have checked on symfonycast tutorials and they have the .env enviroments on localhost:8000 so I think that can’t be it, but I don’t know what else I can try.

For what I know it has to do with CORS. But don’t know how to fix it.

Any help is appreciated,
Thank you 🙂

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