How do I solve this md5 algorithm?

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I’m trying to solve, how is created the email verification code which sent by site to new users.

I’m very investigated of this script library and find this line.

 <a href="{{ route('', [ 'token' => data_get($user, 'verify_token.token').md5($user->email) ]) }}">

So,my opinion is verify token + email = verify code.But i didn’t get the code by this way.

This is the token code saved on db verify_token table


This is the code which send to user’s email.So user see this code

So I solve that eeceabaae007439eb87933f0846ee30e equivalent in email is [email protected]

But i can’t figure out what crypted by script before the eeceabaae007439eb87933f0846ee30e

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