how to assign a repeated variable into different variables using php?

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I have a file with a variable name $myCODE with some values. The current code prints $myCODE and I have assigned different values to it after that which is being printed.
Now I want to read the file perhaps using get_defined_vars() and want to assign first instance of the code as $myCODE1 and the 2nd instance to $myCODE2
I have the following code

code.php file

print $myCODE;//prints Hello
$myCODE="How are you?";
print $myCODE;//prints How are you?

Test.php file

include "code.php";
$myCODE_result= array_key_exists('myCODE', get_defined_vars());
    $myCODE1 = $myCODE;
print $myCODE1;// this prints the contents

I reads the variable LAST instance and prints it but NOT the first instance of $myCODE.

Can you help? Please offer another solution. I have over 300 files to bread and extract the contents of $myCODE variable.

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