How to solve in postman response you don’t have a required scope to access the endpoint

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I have a test account in Bigcommerce eCommerce and I want to get a response it’s not coming I don’t know what is loop falls here because I have to make an API store account and I have X-Auth-Client, the x-Auth-Token key also showing some error 403 in postman I to get a proper response via postman for API. I have seen many examples but didn’t get proper solutions.
for example, I see here
Bigcommerce throwing 403 error even with all scope using postman
but didn’t get a solution in a proper way.

I am getting in response how to solve it

    "status": 403,
    "title": "You don't have a required scope to access the endpoint",
    "type": "",
    "errors": {}

This is my keys or authentications in the header
I have a response code is that in postman how to solve that issue and get a proper response
enter image description here

I have created a store in Bigcommerce

enter image description here

All the data I have put as showing in the above figures but I am didn’t find out why not showing data in response to any issue resolve it. I have already taken time to complete the task so resolve it if any issue is found.

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