Copy other websites input and outputs

  php, wordpress

I don’t know much about programming but i can handle that by keywords and research ,

  • My problem is : I have a WordPress website , i want create a auto calculate form but i don’t have enough data so i should use other website’s data, But the other website does not have provide API and something like these , so i have to use Iframe but i don’t want to use it ,
  • My question is : is it possible to create a input text area but address to another website and a output result from another website?
  • For example : I have a calculator in my website (A) , if user press for example 5 and x and 1 it is like press these buttons on another website (B) and output of result box is shown from Website (B) to my website (A)
  • PS: i don’t want a calculator its just a example, i want to use for insurance quote

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