How to create a new attribute with multichoice of woocomerce product attribute?

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Firstly, I want to create a filter for a certain product category in woocomerce with some attributes of products. For example: A filter for a product category of Wifi Access point, which have 2 attributes (Wifi Standard, Operation Mode)

  1. Wifi Standard values (and they are multichoices):

    802.11ac Wave 1
    802.11ac Wave 2
    802.11ax (Wifi 6)

  2. Operation Mode (Single Choice)
    Controller Base

Secondly, I hope that I can create filter with many attributes (can choose multichoice or single)
.But now, I don’t know how to create options(multichoice or single choice) for these attributes or where I can mofidy the code from the woocommerce plugin.

(In attributes tab, woocommerce product category has a same filed, which is called Archive checkbox.)
the same option

Please give me some advices for this situation.

Thank you

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